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About Dr. Martha

Salutogenicist, Health Care Reformer, Education Designer, Pioneer in Integrative Holistic Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Award-winning Historian, and "Carrier of the Five Arrows of Hiawatha - the Story of the Peacemaker."


Health care and nursing are in Dr. Martha’s blood—literally. She is a relative of Dorothea Dix, the fearless 19th-century American health care reformer of hospitals for the mentally ill. Dr. Martha continues her family's passion for sustainable and transformational health care systems supported by the advancement of nursing as a science and healing art. She also understands the deeper meaning of nursing as a spiritual path that has the power to restore balance in body and peace of mind for persons, families, communities, and nations.


Dr. Martha’s health care focus can be summed up in two words - precision salutogenesis! As a nurse scientist, educator, historian, and clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing, she approaches integrative holistic nursing as precision nursing science, as reflected in her new book by that title. She advances salutogenesis-oriented solutions that promote health through the science of health pattern recognition.

In a time when the health care system is plagued by over-prescription, over-emphasis on pathology and the de-humanization of care, nurses experience a growing gap between technical know-how and nursing’s traditional salutogenesis-oriented role of caring for the whole persons, families, and communities. Dr. Martha teaches and writes from a salutogenesis perspective inviting nurses to find new ways to partner with patients and communities to advance salutogenic integrative nursing solutions to tough problems.


Dr. Martha offers nurses trainings in four practice models and the public precision self-care support through her Self-Care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts with its hundreds of time-honored resources that offer sustainable solutions for families, companies, educational institutions, NGOs, health care leaders, and caring communities.

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FELLOW of the

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Self-Care Institute 


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Nursing Workforce Development

Dr. Martha, a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, is a master teacher, consultant, and certified trainer with degrees in education (BS), humanities (PhD), and nursing (MSN), who provides corporate and academic consultation to the nursing and health care fields. As a board certified holistic psychiatric mental health Clinical Nurse Specialist for 23 years, she specializes in behavioral health continuing education that meets regulatory requirements, and offers clinical supervision services and training for advanced practice nurses.

Dr. Martha has an archive of hundreds of resources that she offers her clients for producing sustainable development outcomes. She has designed and published three practice models on integrative holistic nursing, health culture diplomacy, and precision botanical Self-care (the Elements of Care®) that have contributed to global health transformation, policy reform, and wellness innovations. Dr. Martha has successfully completed the 2-year implementation of her fourth practice model for the training and development of the advanced practice psychiatric mental health nurse specializing in strength-based, solution-focused nurse-psychotherapy, prescriber, and consultation-liaison roles.




Dr. Martha is an award-winning historian. Her expert research consultation and keynotes on nursing history and health care reform provides inspiration and vision for hard-working nurses around the world. Dr. Martha's vast knowledge and 35 years experience in translational research in herbal medicine inspire "integrative insights." Her herbal medicine work began with informal training by her grandfather and has developed into recognition as an international expert in nurse-herbalism. Dr. Martha's seminal works on nurse-herbalism include The Nurse Herbalist, The Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses, and Herbal Diplomats.

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Health Culture Diplomacy and Peacemaking

Dr. Martha founded the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House in partnership with Sigma Theta Tau in 2006. Its World Cafe’s (Conversational Leadership) and virtual Global Tea Houses promote peace through international health culture diplomacy. In addition to her work for Turtle Island (North America), Dr. Martha was an invited speaker of the 2003 World Health Organization's Chief Nursing Scientist Dr. Naeema Al-Gasseer. She has continued to provide keynotes, consultations, and service as a visiting research scientist in South Africa, New Zealand, and Thailand. In 2009, Mohawk Wisdom Keeper, Mrs Cecilia Mitchell bestowed upon Dr. Martha the responsibility of "Carrier of the Five Arrows of Hiawatha" - the story of the Great Peacemaker whose "new mind" peacemaking solution became the Iroquois Confederacy and model for the Constitution of the United States of America. Dr. Martha's ongoing service to humanity is as a Cultural Diplomat in pursuit of the cross-pollination and integration of traditional medicines with nursing science in the development of community-supported healthcare innovations.

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Personal Growth

Personal growth is rooted in Self-knowledge that is expressed in the creation of a healing environment within and without. Dr. Martha's Elements of Care® Energetics First approach to precision Self-care is the foundation for all personal growth education and health care consultations and trainings. The Elements of Care® refers to the harmony of the five elements of creation spoken of in ancient healing traditions around the world and in the history of nursing as: fire, air, water, earth, and ether. Dr. Martha's website, the Self-care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts, also provides many free Self-care resources for the general public and invites nurses, nursing assistants, and health care educators to join her Self-Care League, a community dedicated to advancing personal growth through Self-care. Dr. Martha sets aside time in her schedule each week to offer integrative holistic consultations and Clinical Supervision.


​Bonuses - Programs, Consultations, Education, Care


Explore this site to discover how Dr. Martha will assist you both individually and corporately as you pursue the best in integrative holistic health care for balance in body and peace of mind mind!


Rowan and Ros - Dr. Martha's Twin

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