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"Lemon Bread is delicious ! The balance between sweet and sour is the best!" - JFM 2023

Large Loaf (Pictured)
Small Loaf
Gluten Free
Maple Sugar Substitute
Discounts for Large Orders

Lemon is an"alchemical"ingredient in many culinary creations. My family has a"secret recipe"called Lemon Bread that has the qualities of a pound cake. The recipe is not a pound cake recipe however, and when the Lemon zest and juice are added to the other ingredients that have been mixed together, the dough takes on a  completely different consistency.  Many chefs add Lemon to their creations because it adds something special!

       Excerpt from Dr. Martha's Lemon Profile in her classic

       herbal, Integrative Herb Guide (Says for nurses but

      people in 17 countries use her herbal!)


Hand Made Lemon Bread Spheres
Lightly Dipped in White or Dark Chocolate
Perfect Dessert that Satisfies!

Available in Boxes of 4 or 8

Family Fun!

A family tradition at Christmas and Easter! 

2023 Dessert Experiment!
Sliced Lemon Bread with cranberry sauce, 
vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkled with edible flowers.
Served on grandmother's china!

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