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Improvisational Poetry Events
Poetic Endnotes
by L'Ombard

Plan for a Memorable Event!

The Poet L'Ombard (Dr. Martha Libster) will delight every time with improvisational poetry or poetic endnotes that capture the meaning of your event. She listens deeply to the words and essence spoken and then astounds and inspires participants and guests as she masterfully includes elements of their contributions in a poetic synthesis or endnote presented as improvisational poetry reading. L'Ombard Improvisational Poetry and Poetic Endnotes™ is a process that honors the meaning and memories of the lives of attendees at meetings, conferences, webinars, and ceremonies with inspirational cadence that promotes peace of mind. 




  1. Dr. Martha attends and listens to participants and guests at your event.

  2. She keeps historical notes which include a record of direct quotes and what she observes, hears, and experiences during the event.

  3. Endnotes highlight and present a synthesis of the event read as improvisational poetry.

  4. Guests will recognize their contributions to the event in the endnote.

  5. Professional film service also available upon request to produce a video montage of event.

Other Speaker Services

  • Keynotes

  • World Cafes

  • Presentations (half and full day)

  • Workshops

All customized to create the memorable event!

Dr. Martha will interview members of your management or conference team and create a unique presentation that will inspire your guests.

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