Workforce Development

Dr. Martha Libster is a master teacher, consultant, and certified trainer with degrees in education (BS), humanities (PhD), and nursing (MSN), who provides corporate and academic consultation to the nursing and health care fields. As a board certified holistic psychiatric mental health Clinical Nurse Specialist for 23 years, she specializes in behavioral health continuing education that meets regulatory requirements, and offers clinical supervision services and training for advanced practice and registered nurses.

Dr. Martha has an archive of hundreds of resources that she offers her clients for producing sustainable workforce development projects. She has designed and published three practice models on integrative holistic nursing, health culture diplomacy, and precision botanical Self-care (the Elements of Care®) that have contributed to global health transformation, policy reform, and wellness innovations. Dr. Martha has successfully completed the 2-year implementation of her fourth practice model for the training and development of the advanced practice psychiatric mental health nurse specializing in strength-based, solution-focused nurse-psychotherapy, prescriber, and consultation-liaison roles.

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Workforce Development
Nursing and Healthcare
  • Precision Self-care for beating burnout

  • Precision nursing science

    • Psychiatric mental health nursing

    • Specializing in training the trainers

  • Microburst Education

  • Overcoming CBL Fatigue

  • Innovations in competency trainings and continuing education

  • Consultation liaison services provided by clinical nurse specialist

Specialty Behavioral Health
Specialty Nurse-Herbalism
  • Consultation

  • Education

  • Speaking events (virtual and onsite)

Customized Events
  • World Cafe's

  • Global Tea Houses

  • Nurses Week programs and celebrations

Research Consultation
  • Grant writer

  • Senior science writer

  • Translational research - herbal medicine 

  • Nursing history

  • Women's history

  • Traditional medicine in indigenous cultures

    • Clinical and educational research - Self-care​

    • Action research - program development

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