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"Integrative Holistic Nursing is a Spiritual Path!"

  ~ Dr. Martha Libster ~

Integrative holistic nursing is a spiritual path of freedom 

exemplifying the archetype of "mother." Nursing is service to humanity

in which the truth of deep love is demonstrated in caring actions that

have meaning for each patient, family, or community and the nurse too.

It is a very practical and visionary path.

What is Integrative Holistic Nursing?

Providing physical, emotional and psychological care and spiritual companionship to support a

person, family, or community in their process of finding their life purpose as well as making meaning of health challenges. Integrative holistic nursing spiritual care energizes nurses and patients alike. Each nurse discovers their unique way of demonstrating care. For example, my contribution is advancing the practice of nurse-herbalism as partnership with plants in care.

You Belong Here!

I would love the opportunity to share this beautiful path with you that I have been walking for 33 years.


You have come to the right place for some new tools for your integrative holistic nursing toolbox so that you can go forward with your dream of helping others with confidence!  Nurses learn best by doing! All of my suggestions below prepare you for best practice integrative holistic nursing - with plants as partners!

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Integrative Holistic Nursing       

Hieroglyph MML.JPG

Advancing An Ancient Healing Tradition

Dr. Martha Libster in EGYPT 2023 pointing to the 6th dynasty hieroglyph showing the practice of Foot Reflexology at the entrance of the Tomb of Ankhm'ahor in Saqqara (the physician's tomb). Below is an artist rendering of the hieroglyph that "reads" "do not let it hurt."

Inspirational Real Stories of the Founders of
Integrative Holistic American Nursing !

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Herbal Diplomats and Enlightened Charity now available as E-Pub Download 

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