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Welcome to My Website!

Purpose and Mission:​
Integrating Art, Science, and Spirituality to Promote Peace through Culture.
Integration is a quality of heart! My life is dedicated to serving humanity and promoting peace and unity through culture.
About Me:​
Art:  Movement is the Law of Being and Health.
Professional dancer trained in the American Denishawn starting at age 7. Integrating culture east and west. Joined first company Sachiyo Ito Dance Company and Musicians in 1982. Choreographer in New York City - Individual and group performance and off Broadway.  BS Degree - Dance and Movement Education and Pre-Dance Therapy. Continuing dance by incorporating Rudolf Laban's Effort-Shape Movement Analysis in all work since 1981! 
Science: Salutogenesis-Oriented Solutions (SOS!)
              Health Promotion + Pattern Science
Translational Nurse Scientist and Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist with specialities in Integrative Nursing, Nurse-Herbalism, Nurse-Psychotherapy, and Infant Mental Health. Practiced and published on integrative holistic nursing since 1992 continuing my life history of integrating east and west through Classical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nursing Science. 
PhD - Award-winning Historian specializing in cultural and religious history, oral history, and history of 19th century women, nursing, and botanical medicine. Three International Nursing Practice Models - Elements of Care, Healing Relationships, and Health Culture Diplomacy. 
Three Institutes Focused on Spiritual Development:
Salutogenesist and Existentialist solution-focused approaches helping people realize their life purpose with greater balance in body and peace of mind. I am leading the transformation of healthcare - one person, family, community, and corporation at a time. 

My Favorite Thing: Connecting with others over a cup of tea!

Award-winning Author:
Act and Promote Health and Peace through Culture:
  • Our work together in Meaningful, Mindful, and Memorable

  • Salutogenic - Strength-Based - Solution-Focused

  • Holistic, Integrative, and Caring

  • Climate Conscious - Engaging Plants as Partners 

  • "Energetics First" for Sustainable Choices 
  • Managing Change, Transition, and Solving Tough Problems   
  • Hundreds of Healing Arts Resources 
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Consultation and Education Services Precision Self-care Resources

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Advancing An Ancient Healing Tradition

Dr. Martha Libster in EGYPT 2023 pointing to the 6th dynasty hieroglyph showing the practice of Foot Reflexology at the entrance of the Tomb of Ankhm'ahor in Saqqara (the physician's tomb). Below is an artist rendering of the hieroglyph that "reads" "do not let it hurt."  

Resources and Retreats - Dr. Martha's Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief 

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