About Dr. Martha

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Looking to relieve your stress and anxiety with greater balance in body and peace of mind? Lets have a cup of tea or coffee together!


I invite you, families, and nurses to get to know me through my website. Check out my Simple Solutions Videos for some self care tips too.

If you are seeking solution-focused, holistic coaching or counseling, I would love to listen and help you find the power within you to heal, make meaning of your life, and sort out your challenges. Let's connect! Herbal medicine is my specialty and I can teach you precision Self-care with herbs too. I also specialize in care for and communication with infants (pre-natal to age 5), and assistance for their parents and caregivers. As an Advanced Practice Nurse Psychotherapist, I offer clinical supervision for nurses.






Appointments are from the comfort of your own home or office. I have been offering online and phone coaching and counseling for 15 years! If you are new to meeting this way, I will help you adjust.


Although my practice is currently full, I have some appointments set aside for new clients seeking short-term coaching, counseling or consultation. See availability when you book. 

Coaching and counseling are available in WI, CA, CO, and IL. If you live in another state, I am happy to provide holistic health coaching and education.


Rowan and Ros - Dr. Martha's Twin

West Highland White Terriers 


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