Herbal Diplomat Program

Herbal Diplomat Program  
     HD-C  For Licensed Caregivers
     HD-T  For Those Who Want to Teach Herbal Diplomacy

Program Description


The Herbal Diplomat Program Part I  (3 modules) specifically addresses the role of plants in health care and health care reform as well as the legal, ethical, cultural, and professional practice issues for licensed caregivers and educators, who apply and/or teach the application of herbs in the care and comfort of people across the lifespan.



MODULE 1 - Herbalism

MODULE 2 - Cultural Diplomacy and Healing                           Traditions

MODULE 3 - Making Peace - Demonstrating      

                      Care (SEF Course)

LEVEL 2  - 30 Hours Minimum Each

  • Advanced herbal Case Studies

  • Herbal Diplomacy Residency (Immersion)

  • Education Project

  • Research Project

This program draws upon evidence from research, expert practice, and herbal history and traditional knowledge as well as the students’ own plant relationships to form an integrative approach to plant partnership in practice and education. This course is for those who would transform self and in doing reform the health care system in their community. It includes content on translating botanical science and traditional healing with plants to contemporary lifestyle. We draw upon an integrative philosophy of care and education, herbal recipes and remedies, cultural diplomacy and coaching skill, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine philosophy in the application of the elements of Self care—fire, air, water, earth, and ether. Case studies of herbal diplomacy in a variety of practice and teaching settings are provided to inspire the development and implementation of your own practice and educational plan. The 12-month HERBAL DIPLOMAT PROGRAM starts with LEVEL 1 - 3 introductory courses: 2 distance learning modules (#1 and #2) and 1 face-to-face module (#3) followed by a LEVEL 2 Apprenticeship with Dr. Martha.


Dr. Martha on Nurse-Herbalist Practice
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