For centuries, Self-care and creating healing environments with healing plants and the 5 elements of fire, air, water, earth, and ether, have been foundational to the healing traditions of peoples of all races, creeds, and cultures seeking to promote balance in body and peace of mind, emotions, and spirit. Plants still are a vital part of the healing practices of the peoples of the world. They are a vital part of modern bio-medicine and ancient healing traditions.


Wise people of many cultures have prophesied that the 21st century would be a time when people would find greater ways to integrate traditions and emerging science. Research has found this to be true in people's Self-care practices.


Ivy League Herbal Diplomats®, Medical Science Liaisons, and Instructors have a broad base of understanding about non-pharmacological self-care and partnership with healing plants. The Ivy League includes knowledge from the clinical and biomedical inquiry into plant constituents to the holistic, multidimensional and spiritual applications of plant knowledge gained from participating in the plant partnership!

Ivy League Mission:

  • Restore Best Practices in Self-Care - A Healing Tradition.

  • Transform and Reform Health Care by Teaching Elements of Care program of Self-care

  • Promote Informed Health Decision Making 

  • Advance Integrative Holistic Care and Non-Drug Solutions

  • Inspire Children, Families, and Communities About Partnership with Healing Plants


Like the ivy plant, (Hedera helix) the Ivy League is evergreen and ever-connected. It is a national “vine” that provides sustainable infrastructure for reform of the American healthcare system in which the public embraces Self-care as a right and responsibility. The platform and goal for the design of self-care and self-healing strategies is the balance of the five elements of Self: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether using Dr. Martha's Elements of Care™  program.

Healing Journeys

A 5-minute Documentary Program to Inspire Connection with Plants for High School Students Interested in Health Careers. 

Funded by the NC Arts. Council.


Our Herbal Diplomat® Consultants & Trainers


Martha Libster


Founder of Herbal Diplomats®  clinician-consultant and teacher in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and European and Western Herbal Therapies.  As an Herbal Diplomat®  she is known internationally for her work on the complementarity of nursing practice, technology, and healing traditions, particularly the application of botanical therapies.


Dr. Julie Smith-Taylor


Dr. Julie is a women's health nurse practitioner, nurse-herbalist, and Herbal Diplomat® committed to opening the heart, mind, and body to self-care and healing. She also is certified in Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief. Dr. Julie partners with horses as well as plants in creating health and healing experiences.


Libby Davis


Ms. Libby Davis is a Registered Nurse with experience in neurology, critical care, geriatrics, and people with special needs. Libby is of Cherokee heritage and first learned herbal medicine from her aunt, Marti (Momfeather) Erickson. She has a passion for people and animals and enjoys working in her family apiary.


Bamboo Bridge

Global Tea House

Health Culture Diplomacy

Delivering community-based solutions for Health Care Reform and Peace of Mind through Health Culture Diplomacy.


Linda Russell-Gertz


Linda is an Herbal Diplomat®,  health coach, and occupational health nurse who works with clients to create a customized plan of care that includes a variety of holistic therapies including traditional Thai herbal steams, acupressure, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Healing Touch, and guided imagery.


Lisa Posigian


Lisa, an Herbal Diplomat®, works as a Registered Nurse in a Post Anesthesia Care Unit. She also is a certified Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology practitioner.

Our Ivy League Medical Science Liaison Nurses

Blood Pressure Exam

Mary Legois

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Nurse Checking Girl

Janet Juracic

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Anne Walters


Anne Walters is a registered nurse with experience in hospice, comfort care, and whole plant medicine. She has been with Dr. Martha and the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House since 2006. Anne brings her life work forward through artful soup making. Her other name is “Soup Gramma”! Anne is interested in our ancestors, their soups, and healing folk remedies. She welcomes your stories about your family traditions for soups and home remedies. That is where we find great wisdom.


Pamela Faye

RN, BSN, Nurse Herbalist

MN Public Nurse Health Certificate

Healing Touch Practicioner

Stone Medicine Practicioner

30 years experience as RN and Healing Arts with hospital, home, and public settings for adults and children. Own and operate Private Holistic Healing Practice.  Assists clients of all ages with a variety of health concerns on their journey to optimal wellness.  As a passionate healer Pamela strives to create a calm and safe enviroment to enhance self-directed healing, personal growth, and self-awareness.

Our Ivy League Instructors


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