Infant Behavioral Health

Infant Behavioral Health

Infants and Young Children are Amazing People!  


They are also challenging!!  YES?     Read MORE ...

Frustrated?           Exhausted?        Out of Ideas?


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Our Speciality GENTLE MEDICINE™ 

Non-Drug Solutions to Tough Problems 

When to Reach Out ?


  • Preemie 

  • Early Health Crisis and Hospitalization 

  • Teacher or Prescriber are Suggesting Psychotropic Medications

  • Ongoing Eating or Sleeping Problems

  • Early signs of Giftedness such as extensive language development

  • Child does not show emotion

  • Adoption Experience

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Divorce or Loss of Parent or Significant Caregiver

  • Challenging Health Care Decisions

  • Separation from Parent or Significant Caregiver (e.g., Military Service)

  • Angry or Destructive Behavior (Such as destroying toys)

  • Child won’t accept comforting 

  • Sudden behavior change

  • Does not self-soothe or adapt easily

  • Does not turn to a known caregiver for comfort

  • Rejects being held, touched or playing with others

  • Fearful, Guarded or Withdrawn

  • Death of Baby (Parent/Caregivers and Siblings)

  • Absence of communication or language in pre-school Child

  • Unusual / Prolonged sadness (Parent/Caregiver or Baby)

  • Excessive Activity or Agitation (Is my infant's behavior ADD or ADHD?)

  • Loss of earlier skills (ex. Toileting and language)



CONSULTATION INCLUDES: Non-Drug Self Care Remedies: Infant Massage Education for Parents and Caregivers Choosing Foods Based on Energetics - Traditional...
30 min.

Special Package Discounts Offered for Continuing Service 

Consultation with Dr. Martha includes:

For more Information and resources about infant behavioral health please see


Insurance:  Dr. Martha participates in BCBS - PPO of Illinois. 


Contact Dr. Martha. 


691 S. Green Bay Road #145

Neenah, WI 54596

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