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Founder of Herbal Diplomats® clinician-consultant and teacher in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and European and Western Herbal Therapies.  As an Herbal Diplomat® she is known internationally for her work on the complementarity of nursing practice, technology, and healing traditions, particularly the application of botanical therapies.

Linda is an Herbal Diplomat®, health coach, and occupational health nurse who works with clients to create a customized plan of care that includes a variety of holistic therapies including traditional Thai herbal steams, acupressure, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Healing Touch, and guided imagery.

Dr. Julie is a women's health nurse practitioner, nurse-herbalist, and Herbal Diplomat® committed to opening the heart, mind, and body to self-care and healing. She also is certified in Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief. Dr. Julie partners with horses as well as plants in creating health and healing experiences.

Lisa, an Herbal Diplomat®, works as a Registered Nurse in a Post Anesthesia Care Unit. She also is a certified Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology practitioner.

Ms. Libby Davis is a Registered Nurse with experience in neurology, critical care, geriatrics, and people with special needs. Libby is of Cherokee heritage and first learned herbal medicine from her aunt, Marti (Momfeather) Erickson. She has a passion for people and animals and enjoys working in her family apiary.


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For centuries healing plants have demonstrated an ability to unite human beings of all races, creeds, and cultural traditions. Plants are a vital part of the healing practices of the people of the world.  They are a part of modern bio-medicine and ancient healing traditions. Wise people of many cultures have prophesied that the 21st century would be a time when people would find greater ways to integrate traditions and emerging science.


Herbal Diplomats® have a broad base of botanical understanding from clinical, and biomedical inquiry of plant constituents to the holistic, multidimensional applications of botanical healing knowledge gained from participating in the plant-human relationship. 

The Herbal Diplomat® program is for those who want to reform health care and provide a healing service that integrates partnership with healing plants, health diplomacy, healing traditions, indigenous knowledge, biomedical research, and the science of energy flow in the care of self, family, community and country.

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