Award-Winning History and Research

"History records our humanity, heals ignorance, guides identity development, and inspires compassion."   ~ Dr. Martha Libster ~


Inspirational Stories of the Founders of

American Nursing, Pharmacy, and Healthcare Reform!


2005 Lavinia Dock Award

from the American Association History of Nursing 


Focus of Dr. Martha's Histories:

  • Nursing (America and Europe)

  • Culture

  • 19th Century Women

  • American Healthcare Reform

  • Religious Communities

  • Botanical and Traditional Healing

  • Triangulated Case Study

  • Feminist history

  • Oral history





What Dr. Martha says about the nature of historical research

  • All research begins with an historical question.

  • We gain insight when considering the context for human endeavor.

  • History is the science of data over time.

  • Understanding patterns of human behavior can be comforting and healing. 

  • People's memories of the past are fascinating!

  • Exploring history is a deeply spiritual experience.